Monty G is no doubt one of the most influential and sought after artist in the world of gospel reggae. As a matter of fact, his years of hard work producing hardcore and award winning gospel reggae and dancehall albums is also paying off with recognition and respect now pouring in from the world of secular reggae. Though grateful for the admiration and opportunity for his music to cross the boarders into the world of secular pastures, Monty does so with God’s guidance and without compromising his Christ 4 Life base.

Born August 1st 1979 in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Monty grew up in Freeport Grand Bahama and like many other young people his age, was raised in a Christian home with a mother who made sure of two things, all of her kids went to church (if they wanted to or not) and that only gospel music saturated her house. Though the strict rules often felt restrictive, a young Monty soon found solace in the message preached at church and thus at age eleven he cut his teeth musically by writing gospel lyrics to some of his favorite secular reggae tunes. However though God was on his lips, He was not yet Lord of Monty’s life and as a result of being influenced by high school friends, Monty’s life starting flowing towards a more destructive path. God however had a call on his life and supplemented by the prayers of a faithful mother, Monty found his way home to the Lord and as a result he also found the path to his purpose.

Three years later at the age of fourteen Monty formed his first group, a three man outfit named TDC or Totally Devoted to Christ. The group provided the perfect nest for Monty G to hone his talent as a songwriter, producer and as an artist. Then in 1996 Monty joined forces with a group of talented young men known as C-Side or Christ Side and fueled with the same vision and passion to spread the good news, the group dominated the local music scene and by extension created a national name for several of its more dancehall members including Yankee, Mr. Lynx and Monty. In 1999 the founder and visionary of the group Dexter Knowles passed away and although the unit felt the sting of losing one of their own, Monty and crew became even more determined to continue the mission started a few years before.

It was also in 1996 when Monty got together with producer Kelda “Sizta Kaye” Sweeting to record his first solo effort; a mid-tempo reggae gem entitled “He Saved Me”. The song was a national hit and earned Monty a whopping seven Marlin Awards including Reggae Recording of the Year during the 1997 Marlin Awards ceremony.

Following the scent of a new assignment, Monty ventured deep into the heart of ministry and in 1997 launched Lion of Judah, a revolutionary music movement that included a recording studio division (Lion of Judah Dub Lab), a record and management label (Lion of Judah Sounds) and a music group (Lion’s P.R.I.D.E) which included among it’s original members Yankee, Mr.Lynx, Poppa Willy and Monty himself. From its inception the purpose of Lion of Judah was to provide a positive alternative too many of the destructive forms of music young people consume daily.

Monty and his newly assembled team which included production wiz DJ Frost wasted no time and in the summer of 1999 Lion of Judah released their first album, a compilation called “God’s House of Flava”. Riding high on the success of this project, Lion of Judah expanded their base and also made a sonic connection with a young and up and coming fire brand Reggae/Soca artist from Trinidad named Sherwin Gardner. This new relationship resulted in the establishment of the Lion of Judah Trinidad Studio (God’s House of Flows) and the release of Sherwin’s “100% Sold Out” album in late 1999 on the Lion of Judah Sounds Label.

The year 2000 ushered in the new Millennium and it also unleashed a fury of projects from Monty and his Lion of Judah creative empire including the compilation “New Millennium Order” released in the summer of 2000, the first Trinity Mix and Riddim Invasion series in 2001 and Monty’s full length debut album “Voice of the Youth” also in 2001. “Voice of the Youth” earned Monty several Marlin nominations and two awards (Reggae/Dancehall Recording of the Year & Junkanoo Recording of the Year) during the 2002 Marlin Awards.

Monty then signed a one album deal with US based reggae label Lion of Zion Entertainment who released his sophomore project “Revolution” in the summer of 2002. This new arrangement lead to Monty’s contribution on several of the labels compilation series including Raggamuffin Hip Hop Vol 1 & 2 / Dancehall Baptism Vol 1 & 2, To the King and Soca Baptism which won a Marlin Award for Outstanding Compilation of the Year in 2004.

In 2003 Monty once again expanded his music and production base and launched the Lion of Judah Dublab in Freeport with two locations, one headed by DJ Frost and the other by recording artist and up and coming producer Dane “Danejahrus” Strachan. Later that year he Inked a deal with Creative Soul Entertainment and in March 2004 re-released “Until Life”, his third solo effort which was originally released in the summer of 2003 and an album many critics are hailing as his best recording to date.

In 2004 Monty was once again nominated for several Marlin Awards for “Until Life”. The project had such a global appeal with strong cross cultural vibes that Monty was also nominated for several UGI Awards (Urban Gospel Industry Awards). The UGI Awards are based in Los Angeles, CA and was established to honor urban styles of gospel music including reggae and comedy.

The year 2004 was also a time of transition for Monty and his Crew as he along with several members of the P.R.I.D.E including production side kick DJ Frost relocated to South Florida where they erected their new ministry headquarters and yet another studio – Cross Da Water Studios in Miami, Florida.

The new move also created an evolution in Monty’s business, spiritual and personal life. He married his high school sweetheart Dulcie Garland in December 2004 and the couple has since become the proud parents of a beautiful baby girl Ramiya who was born October 3rd 2005.

Along with his LOJ (Lion of Judah) clique Monty has toured Trinidad, Jamaica, Cayman, Bermuda, Barbados, Canada, the United States and throughout the Family of Bahamian Islands, leaving a trail of satisfied souls on fire for Christ. He has also shared the stage with Grammy Award winners like Kirk Franklin, Mary Mary, Trin-i-tee 5:7, Papa San as well as secular giants Capleton, T.O.K, Red Rat, Luciano and Lexus.

Monty cites some of his early influences as Buju Banton, Beenie Man and Bahamian based reggae outfit Christian Massive. These influences have found their respectable places in his music and his approach to the business of music. His Cross Da Water Studios has already started to build a concrete list of who’s who in the gospel and secular reggae arena producing hot new tracks for artists like Sherwin Gardner, Avalanchee as well as secular hot shots Capleton, Luciano, Cymani Marley and Turbulence.

Currently Monty is busy putting the finishing touches on his latest album “Along Life’s Road” which is scheduled to be released in July 2007 on the Lion of Judah Sounds/Creative Soul Entertainment label. To coincide with the release of his fourth studio album, Monty is also busy organizing a major tour that is expected to bring together many of the heavy hitters in the gospel reggae and dancehall world. The as yet to be titled tour will be the first official world tour Monty will headline and judging from the effort and standard of excellence he has executed with past efforts no doubt his latest album and tour will continue to turn heads and change hearts.