At an early age Positive displayed a strong passion for music, especially acoustic styles, such that he cultivated his life into it. The rhythmic accents on the off-beat by the guitar led him to identify with reggae, which became his love.

He not only wrote and sang but began to produce his own music as well. Despite coming from an unwealthy family background, the hand of God was moving in the life of this young man. A call to excellence coupled with the influence of a good family enabled Positive to take his musical passion beyond the walls of Tobago.

Positive was founded a record deal with Lion Of Judah sounds of Bahamas, led by gospel reggae artiste Monty G. To date, Positive has released one album entitled “Never Let Go”, which is a 14-track CD that marks the era of his foot into gospel reggae. He is now scheduled to release his second album in July 2012. This album features collaborations with Dj Nicholas, Jermaine Edwards, and a few others. He has also shared the stage with many renowned artists like Papa San, Deitrick Hadden and many others. The Lord has blessed him with a mindset of music as well as kingdom business, and he intends to carry the message of Christ on to as many generations as possible. There is a lot more to expect from Positive as his perfectionist mentality only inspires him to strive for consistent excellence.

Positive, a young man blessed with the musical message of peace, love, holiness and righteousness, continues to walk in the light of God. He intends to touch the hearts of people and show them the way to God.