Studio Two


Host Apostle Stephen c. Andrews

Taking Authority (Sat 9AM-12PM)

Taking Authority over our lives; which includes the spiritual, emotional, Social, financial and not forgetting our health. This program is geared towards feeding the church and the nation at large with information that they can utilize to shift gears as it pertains to their mindset and approach regarding various aspect of their lives.

No more will we be ignorant as it relates to crucial information which is mandatory in these times, but instead, we will capitalize on information that is given through this media. Psalms chapter 8 vs. 6 tells us that God has made us to have dominion over the works of our hands……so as Men, Women
and children of God, we will be enlightened every Wednesday and Saturday with accurate information to change our approach to everyday living.
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Host James Richards

Crossing the Line (Thurs 9PM-12AM)

Love, Courtship, Sex, Marriage, and Divorce are topics that are rarely discussed or even talked about. This show is designed to have an interactive discussion with the listening audience on these issues that affect all of us. Welcome to Crossing the Line!  Follow us on Facebook Click Here!



Host Robyn Joseph (Psalmist)

Youth Surge (Sat 3PM-4:30PM)

The purpose of Youth Surge radio broadcast is to promote spiritual growth through weekly discussions, debates, quiz questions and music. Primarily, the focus of the show is youth based however; the broadcast is fit for any age group. On Saturdays from 3pm to 4:30 pm, the host Robyn Joseph who’s known as Psalmist Robyn engages the ears of listeners by the captivating discussions, stimulating quiz questions and youthful music. Indeed, Youth Surge is full of fun and youthful Christian vibes.  Follow us on Facebook Click Here!


Host Ricquel Adams

Awesome Wonder (Thur 4:30PM-6:30PM)

Awesome Wonder is an interview program targeting the general public as its listening audience. Its purpose is to spread the news of the awesome supernatural testimonies and extraordinary wonders that Christ is doing in the lives of believers. The aim is to bring glory to God and let the world and unbelievers know what his miraculous hand is capable of doing with a surrendered life in times of testing, sickness, tragedy, and every day challenges. This program brings encouragement to its listeners and acts as means of spreading the gospel message through person’s life stories. Follow us on Facebook Click Here!


Host Deejay Bless

Power Of Praise(P.O.P) (Tues 8PM-10PM)

When we praise and worship the Lord , we will experience victory in our battles just like Jehoshaphat. God inhabits the praises of His people and praise and worship causes His heart to respond. Power Of Praise (P.O.P) gaged towards giving you the best in Praise, Worship with other genres of gospel music. So lets fight with our praise for there is power in it (P.O.P). Follow us on Facebook Click Here!
Host Tirzah Beazer

Music that Ministers (SAT 12:30PM-2PM)

Playing the songs that are in season is the mandate of Music that Ministers. Each song carries a different testimony but all speaks about the awesomeness of our God who is able to break every chain Click Here!
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